HR Bulletin

Dear Readers,

The value of training your staff cannot be overstated. Across the country (and the world in general), smart companies are investing in their people in order to optimise productivity and ensure the sustained success of their companies into the future.

In these tough economic times, it is essential that you choose a training service provider that is flexible enough to meet the training needs of your organisation, besides just imparting valuable knowledge and know-how to your employees.

To this end, use the following guidelines to ensure that you are best positioned to get the best return on your training investment value:

  1. Choose a service provider whose trainers and facilitators have good qualifications and experience - in the field in which they will be training your staff.
  2. Choose a service provider that has competitive market-related pricing. Don't spend more than you have to. Look for pricing schedules that offer discounts for larger groups.
  3. It is imperative that your training service provider is able to offer you the utmost flexibility in terms of course content. Most often, you will want to make sure that examples and case-studies are related to your business or that the course material can cover a different yet related topic in addition to the standard content offering.
  4. The training course duration should be flexible - on the understanding that the course content will be affected if training time is reduced and more practical examples or additional topics can be added if the training time is maximised. This is especially important when different groups in your organisation will require different approaches, for example, a half-day overview for senior managers, or a one-day workshop for supervisors or a full, two-day course for those employees who will actually be practically
    applying what they have learned.

BMT Dimensions International Inc. only uses facilitators who are qualified and experienced experts in their fields. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to customising course content and we are recognised for our willingness to adapt to our clients' needs and timing.

Whilst we offer the highest levels of expertise and professionalism, based on our extensive international experience, we are still able to offer exceptionally competitive pricing to help our clients to weather these particularly challenging economic times.

All in all, BMT Dimensions International Inc. is the ideal Training Business Partner for your organisation.
Let us work with you to get the most out of your Training dollar!

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